McDaniel Pottery grew out of an accidental discovery of a passion for clay. A glass of wine, a lesson on a potters wheel from a good friend and my journey began. I immersed myself in the world of ceramics, quickly developing a love for the endless possibilities of clay. I graduated from Edinboro University with a B.F.A. in Ceramics in 2017. With encouragement from friends and family, an old kiln that once belonged to a Benedictine monk and a stubborn dream, I started McDaniel Pottery.

 I am now a full-time studio potter living and making pottery in Erie Pennsylvania. I work out of my home studio producing functional, wheel thrown pottery, all under the watchful eyes of my 3 loyal studio beasties: Cash, Grizzly and Willow.

   I use a deep brown, iron-rich clay to throw a variety of forms. These vessels become a canvas for playful patterns and offbeat characters. Dark brown clay and quirky illustration combine to produce one of a kind pots for your one of a kind life.

My surfaces are inspired by the people I meet. Friends, family and strangers I interact with daily. They are representative of our own personalities, intended to illuminate all the qualities that make us unique. These characters are symbols of our hopes and dreams and offer humorous perspective on the fears and anxieties we experience in our daily lives. These pots celebrate the eccentricities that make us such unique individuals.

These vessels are handmade. They are perfectly imperfect objects I create with my own two hands. They are as varied in their characteristics as their intended users are. This too is a celebration of individualism, a nod the beauty of the handmade object and all its subtle variation.

My business, now three years in operation has grown as much as my art. I continue to find joy in learning and evolving through my interaction with clay. I appreciate your visit to my dusty little online shop and invite you to join me on my journey. Follow me on Instagram or Facebook to stay up to date with what’s going on in the studio. Join the mailing list for the latest news on shop updates and sales.

Cheers from my clan to yours!

Caelin McDaniel and the studio beasties